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These pages were made by the group of tooth developmental biologists in the Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki, Finland. For contacts, use our address here.

Referencing to this data:

Gene expression in tooth (WWW database), Developmental Biology Programme of the University of Helsinki, 1996-2007.


Maija Kaski, reading, database editing and drawings
Pekka Nieminen, database design, layout and HTML
Carin Sahlberg, drawings
Thomas Åberg, visions and graphics
Irma Thesleff: mentor of the whole idea
All others who have helped to collect the data

Image in banner: Expression of Sonic hedgehog in cap stage mouse molar shown in three dimensions. Courtesy of Jukka Jernvall, Soile Keränen, Anne Vaahtokari and Thomas Åberg.


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