Expression of Tbx1 in mouse tooth

T-box 1; T-box containing transcription factor 1

Species: mouse
Location in mouse genome: chromosome 16, 18186700 - 18191958 (UCSC, assembly October 2003)
Tooth: lower incisor
Method: in situ hybridization (radioactive), probe:

Expression was found in the incisor tooth bud at ED 12.5.

Source references:
Chapman,D.L., Garvey,N., Hancock,S., Alexiou,M., Agulnik,S.I., Gibson-Brown, JJ, Cebra-Thomas,J., Bollag,R.J., Silver,L.M., and, Papaioannou,V.E. (1996) Developmental Dynamics 206(4):379-390

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