Expression of Eda in mouse tooth

Eda; ectodysplasin A; Tabby; Ed1

Species: mouse
Location in mouse genome: chromosome X, 89812368 - 90237478 (UCSC, assembly October 2003)
Tooth: lower molar
Method: in situ hybridization (radioactive), probe: 1836b

Initiation stage
Expression: oral epithelium
No expression: dental epithelium, dental mesenchyme

EDA expression in epithelium was induced by Wnt6 expressing cells (Laurikkala et al 2001). See expression of Wnt6.

Bud stage
Expression: oral epithelium, dental epithelium
No expression: dental mesenchyme

Cap stage
Expression: oral epithelium, outer enamel epithelium
No expression: inner enamel epithelium, enamel knot, stellate reticulum, dental papilla, dental sac

Bell stage
Expression: outer enamel epithelium
No expression: inner enamel epithelium, stratum intermedia, stellate reticulum, dental papilla

Late bell
(differentiation) stage
Expression: outer enamel epithelium
No expression: stratum intermedia, stellate reticulum, preameloblasts, dental papilla, preodontoblasts

Supernumerary teeth and abnormal molars and enamel in incisors in mice with K14-EDA-overexpression. (Mustonen et al 2003)
EDA gene encodes a tumor necrosis factor family ligand ectodysplasin.
Human homolog: EDA (anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia).
Tabby mouse has mutations in EDA.
Mutations in EDA cause X-linked anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (EDA).
Probe recognizes all splicing forms of Tabby.

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