Submission of new data and corrections

We welcome all possible contribution to the contents of the database. In fact, we are well aware that it is only possible to make the data extensive and keep it up-to-date with the help of the scientists around the world.

You can submit your data by filling the submission form and sending it to us by fax or surface mail. Submission of published data is also possible by either sending us a journal article or a reference to such an article. Please also feel free to comment on the usability of these pages or call our attention to omissions or eventual errors.

Our aim is to include as much graphical presentations as possible. If appropriate images are not published, we would appreciate if you could include images. You can send also send the images to us in digital form, preferably in TIFF format.

You can contact us by sending email to Carin Sahlberg or by sending surface mail to

Gene expression in tooth database
Carin Sahlberg
Department of oral and craniofacial diseases
Biomedicum c226b
P.O.Box 63
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki


Last edited 10.11.15