Magloire,H., Joffre,A., Grimaud,J.A., Herbage,D., Couble,M.L., and, Chavrier,C.
Distribution of type III collagen in the pulp parenchyma of the human developing tooth.
Histochemistry 74:319-328 (1982).
The distribution of collagen type III throughout the pulp tissue from human developing tooth was studied using specific antibodies, immuno-fluorescence as well as immuno- peroxidase labelling for electron microscopy. Our results indicate that type III and type I collagen are present in the pulp. The staining intensity seems to correlate with the relatively high proportions of type III collagen biochemically found in pulp. In addition, type III collagen and reticulin fibres are similarly distributed, except that the Von Korff fibres were never detected with anti-type III collagen antibodies. Correspondingly, at the ultrastructural level, type III collagen appears as fine, branched filaments or electron dense material distributed throughout the tissue and particularly in close association with the plasma membrane of pulp fibroblasts. In contrast, type I collagen appears as typical coarse cross banded fibres.

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