Expression of Pace4 in rat tooth

paired basic amino acid cleaving system 4; Spc4; subtilisin-like proprotein convertase; Pcsk6

Species: rat
Location in rat genome: chromosome 1, 120403185 - 120555256 (UCSC, assembly June 2003)
Tooth: molar
Method: in situ hybridization (radioactive), probe: 150b

Initiation stage
Expression: dental epithelium, dental mesenchyme
No expression: oral epithelium

Bud stage
Expression: oral epithelium, dental epithelium, dental mesenchyme

Cap stage
Expression: outer enamel epithelium, inner enamel epithelium, enamel knot, dental papilla, dental sac

Bell stage
Expression: inner enamel epithelium, dental papilla

Intense expression is restricted to the inner enamel epithelium..

Late bell (differentiation) stage
Expression: stellate reticulum, preameloblasts, dental papilla, dental sac, preodontoblasts

Source references:
Akamatsu,T., Matsuda,Y., Tsumura,K., Tada, Parvin,M.N., Kanamori,N., and, Hosoi,K. (1999) Developmental Dynamics 216(4-5):481-488

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