Expression of Occludin in mouse tooth

Ocln; Ocl

Species: mouse
Location in mouse genome: chromosome 13, 98910206 - 98965343 (UCSC, assembly October 2003)
Tooth: lower molar and incisor
Method: immunochemistry, antibody: polyclonal

Cap stage
Expression: oral epithelium
No expression: outer enamel epithelium, inner enamel epithelium, enamel knot, stellate reticulum, basement membrane, dental papilla, dental sac

Bell stage
Expression: oral epithelium, outer enamel epithelium, stratum intermedia, stellate reticulum, dental papilla
No expression: inner enamel epithelium, basement membrane, dental sac

Expression was weak in the stellate reticulum and stratum intermedium..

Late bell
(differentiation) stage
Expression: stratum intermedia, stellate reticulum, preameloblasts, dental papilla
No expression: basement membrane, dental sac, preodontoblasts

Secretory stage
Expression: stratum intermedia, stellate reticulum, ameloblasts, dental papilla
No expression: enamel, odontoblasts, predentin, dentin

Source references:
Unda,F.J., Pérez-Nanclares,G., Le Morvan,V., Hernández,C., Vilaxa,A., De-la-Fuente,M., and, Gorry,P. (2003) Histology & Histopathology 18(1):27-38

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