Expression of receptors in tooth

init. stagebud stagecap stagebell stagediff. stagesecr. stageroot
Ahr (mouse, mRNA)n+nnn+n
Ahr (mouse, protein)nnn+++n
Arnt (mouse, protein)n++nn+n
Bono1 (mouse, mRNA)nnnn+++
C-ErbB2 (rat, protein)nnnnn+n
Calb1 (mouse, protein)nnnn+nn
Edar (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
EGFR (human, protein)nn++++n
EphA7 (mouse, mRNA)nn+nnnn
ErbB3 (rat, mRNA)n++n+nn
ErbB4 (rat, mRNA)nn+n++n
Fadd (field vole, protein)n+++nnn
Fas (field vole, protein)n+++nnn
Fgfr1 (mouse, mRNA)nnnn+nn
Fgfr1(IIIb) (mouse, mRNA)--++++n
Fgfr1(IIIc) (mouse, mRNA)++++++n
Fgfr2(IIIb) (mouse, mRNA)++++++n
Fgfr2(IIIc) (mouse, mRNA)nn-nnnn
Fgfr2(IIIc) (mouse, mRNA)-+++n+n
Fgfr3(IIIb) (mouse, mRNA)-----+n
Fgfr3(IIIc) (mouse, mRNA)-----+n
Fgfr4 (mouse, mRNA)------n
Gfr alpha-1 (mouse, mRNA)n-+n++n
Gfr alpha-2 (mouse, mRNA)n++n++n
integrin alpha 4 (mouse, mRNA)n+n+nnn
integrin alpha 6 (mouse, protein)n+++nnn
integrin alpha 6 (mouse, mRNA)n+++nnn
integrin alpha v (mouse, mRNA)n+++nnn
integrin alpha v (mouse, protein)n+++nnn
integrin beta 1 (mouse, mRNA)n+++nnn
integrin beta 1 (mouse, protein)n+++nnn
integrin beta 4 (mouse, protein)n+++nnn
integrin beta 4 (mouse, mRNA)n+++nnn
integrin beta 5 (mouse, mRNA)+++++nn
Met proto-oncogene (rat, protein)nn+n+nn
Met proto-oncogene (mouse, mRNA)nn+++nn
MFrzb1 (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
MFz6 (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
Neuropilin1 (mouse, mRNA)nn+++nn
Neuropilin2 (mouse, mRNA)+++++nn
Ngfr (rat, mRNA)--++++n
Ngfr (rat, protein)n++n+nn
Notch1 (mouse, mRNA)++++++n
Notch2 (mouse, mRNA)++++++n
Notch3 (mouse, mRNA)++-+++n
Ntrk1 (rat, mRNA)-----nn
Ntrk1 (rat, mRNA)------n
Ntrk3 (rat, mRNA)----+-n
Patched 1 (mouse, mRNA)+++++nn
Patched 2 (mouse, mRNA)n+++nnn
Patched 2 (bovine, mRNA)nnn+nnn
Pthr1 (rat, mRNA)nnn+nnn
Pthr1 (mouse, mRNA)nnnnn+n
Pvrl1 (mouse, mRNA)nnn+nnn
Rara (mouse, mRNA)+n++++n
Rarb (mouse, mRNA)+n-+++n
Rarg (mouse, mRNA)+n++++n
Ret (mouse, mRNA)n++n-+n
Robo1 (mouse, mRNA)+++++nn
Robo2 (mouse, mRNA)n+nn+nn
Ror1 (mouse, mRNA)nn+nnnn
Ror2 (mouse, mRNA)nn+nnnn
Rxra (mouse, mRNA)+n++++n
Rxrb (mouse, mRNA)++++++n
Rxrg (mouse, mRNA)-n--++n
Tgfbr2 (mouse, mRNA)n+n+nnn
Tnfrsf19 (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
trkB.FL (rat, mRNA)------n
trkB.T1 (rat, mRNA)-++++nn
trkB.T2 (rat, mRNA)------n

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