Gene expression in odontoblasts and dentin

diff. stagesecr. stageroot
activin beta A (mouse, mRNA)-nn
activin beta A (mouse, protein)-nn
activin beta A (mouse, mRNA)--n
aggrecan 1 (mouse, mRNA)--n
Ahr (mouse, mRNA)n+n
Ahr (mouse, protein)++n
alkaline phosphatase (mouse, protein)n-n
ameloblastin (rat,mouse, mRNA)+-n
amelogenin (hamster, protein)+-n
amelogenin (mouse, mRNA)---
amelogenin (mouse, protein)--n
amelogenin (hamster, mRNA)--n
antizyme 1 (mouse, protein, mRNA)+nn
appican (mouse, mRNA)---
Aquaporin2 (mouse, human, protein)-nn
Aquaporin3 (mouse, human, protein)-nn
Aquaporin4 (mouse, human, protein)+-n
Aquaporin5 (mouse, human, protein)+-n
Aquaporin9 (mouse, human, protein)-nn
Arnt (mouse, protein)n+n
Axin1 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Axin2 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Barx1 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Bax (rat, protein)--n
Bcl2 (rat, protein)--n
biglycan (mouse, mRNA)++n
Bmp2 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Bmp2 (mouse, mRNA)+++
Bmp3 (mouse, mRNA)--+
Bmp4 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Bmp4 (mouse, mRNA)+++
Bmp5 (mouse, mRNA)--n
Bmp6 (mouse, mRNA)--n
Bmp7 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Bmp7 (mouse, mRNA)+++
Bmp7 (mouse, rat, hamster, protein)+++
Bono1 (mouse, mRNA)+++
Bpag1 (mouse, protein)-nn
brevican (mouse, mRNA)--n
Btrc (mouse, mRNA)+nn
C-Cam (rat, protein)--n
C-Cam (rat, mRNA)++n
C-ErbB2 (rat, protein)n-n
cadherin 1 (mouse, protein)--n
Calb1 (mouse, protein)-nn
catenin beta (mouse, protein)-nn
Cd24 (rat, mRNA)+nn
Cd44 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
cerebroglycan (mouse, mRNA)--n
clusterin (mouse, mRNA)--n
CNR-cluster (mouse, mRNA)-nn
CNR-cluster (mouse, mRNA)-nn
collagen type I (rat, protein)+nn
collagen type I (alpha1) (mouse, mRNA)+++
collagen type I (alpha1) (human, mRNA)n+n
collagen type III (alpha1) (mouse, mRNA)+nn
collagen type III (alpha1) (human, mRNA)n+n
collagen type III (alpha1) (mouse, protein)-+n
collagen type IV (mouse, protein)-+n
collagen type V (rat, hamster, protein)++n
collagen type VII (human, protein)--n
connexin43 (rat, protein)n+n
connexin43 (rat, mRNA)n+n
Crabp1 (rat, protein)+nn
Cspg4 (mouse, mRNA)--n
Ctgf/Fisp12 (mouse, protein, mRNA)-+n
Cyclin D1 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Cyp26C1 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
cytokeratin 1 (human, protein)-nn
cytokeratin 19 (human, protein)-nn
cytokeratin 8 (human, protein)-nn
Dab1 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Dab1 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
decorin (mouse, mRNA)++n
dentin phosphoprotein (mouse, protein)n+n
dentin sialophosphoprotein (mouse, mRNA)++n
dentin sialoprotein (mouse, rat, protein, mRNA)+++
desmoglein (mouse, protein)-nn
Dlx2 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Dlx2 (mouse, protein)-nn
Dlx3 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Dlx4 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Dlx5 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Dlx6 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Ectodin (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Eda (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Edar (mouse, mRNA)-nn
EGFR (human, protein)--n
Egr1 (mouse, mRNA)++n
enamelin (mouse, mRNA)n--
enamelysin (mouse, mRNA)-+n
endothelin (human, protein)-nn
ErbB3 (rat, mRNA)---
ErbB4 (rat, mRNA)++n
Fgf1 (mouse, protein)-+n
Fgf10 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Fgf2 (mouse, protein)--n
Fgf3 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Fgf4 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Fgf7 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Fgf8 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Fgf9 (mouse, mRNA)--n
Fgfr1 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Fgfr1(IIIb) (mouse, mRNA)++n
Fgfr1(IIIc) (mouse, mRNA)++n
Fgfr2(IIIb) (mouse, mRNA)--n
Fgfr2(IIIc) (mouse, mRNA)n-n
Fgfr3(IIIb) (mouse, mRNA)--n
Fgfr3(IIIc) (mouse, mRNA)--n
Fgfr4 (mouse, mRNA)--n
fibromodulin (bovine, protein)nn-
fibronectin (mouse, protein)-+n
fibronectin (oncofetal) (human, protein)--n
fibronectin (seq A) (human, protein)-+n
follistatin (mouse, protein)-nn
follistatin (mouse, mRNA)-nn
follistatin (mouse, protein, mRNA)-nn
Gdnf (mouse, mRNA)++n
Gfr alpha-1 (mouse, mRNA)++n
Gfr alpha-2 (mouse, mRNA)--n
glypican (mouse, mRNA)--n
Hand2 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Hand2 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Has (human, protein)n+n
heparan sulfate (mouse, protein)+nn
Hgf (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Hip1 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Hspb1 (rat, protein)n+n
Hspg2 (mouse, protein)-+n
integrin beta 5 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Islet1 (mouse, mRNA)--n
Islet1 (mouse, mRNA)--n
K-glypican (mouse, mRNA)--n
Kallikrein 4 (mouse, mRNA)n+n
laminin (human, protein)--n
laminin (mouse, protein)--n
laminin 5 alpha 3 (mouse, mRNA)--n
laminin 5 alpha 3 (mouse, protein)--n
laminin 5 beta 3 (mouse, protein)--n
laminin 5 beta 3 (mouse, protein)--n
laminin 5 gamma 2 (mouse, mRNA)--n
laminin 5 gamma 2 (mouse, protein)--n
laminin alpha 1 (mouse, mRNA)-+n
laminin alpha 2 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
laminin alpha 2 (mouse, protein)-nn
laminin alpha 3b (mouse, mRNA)--n
laminin alpha 5 (mouse, mRNA)--n
laminin alpha 5 (mouse, protein)-nn
Lfng (mouse, mRNA)n-n
Lhx6 (mouse, mRNA)--n
Lhx8 (mouse, mRNA)--n
lumican (bovine, protein)nn-
Met proto-oncogene (rat, protein)-nn
Met proto-oncogene (mouse, mRNA)-nn
midkine (mouse, mRNA)+nn
midkine (mouse, protein)++n
Mmp14 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Mmp2 (mouse, mRNA)++n
Mmp9 (mouse, mRNA)---
Msx1 (mouse, mRNA)+++
Msx2 (mouse, mRNA)+n+
Nestin (rat, protein)n+n
neuroglycan (mouse, mRNA)--n
Neuropilin1 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Neuropilin2 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Ngf (rat, mRNA)+nn
Ngf (rat, protein)n+n
Ngfr (rat, mRNA)+-n
Ngfr (rat, protein)+nn
Notch1 (mouse, mRNA)--n
Notch2 (mouse, mRNA)--n
Notch3 (mouse, mRNA)--n
Nrg1 (rat, mRNA)--n
Ntf3 (rat, mRNA)-nn
Ntf5 (rat, mRNA)-nn
Ntrk1 (rat, mRNA)-nn
Ntrk1 (rat, mRNA)--n
Ntrk3 (rat, mRNA)--n
Oasis (mouse, mRNA)++n
Occludin (mouse, protein)--n
Odc (mouse, protein, mRNA)-nn
onnexin32 (rat, protein)--n
osteocalcin (rat, protein)+++
osteocalcin (mouse, mRNA)nn+
osteopontin (rat, protein, mRNA)n++
osteopontin (mouse, mRNA)nn-
P-cadherin (mouse, protein)--n
p21 (mouse, protein)+nn
p21 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Pace4 (rat, mRNA)+nn
Patched 1 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Pcdh-gamma (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Pcdh-gamma (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Pcna (rat, human, protein)+-n
phosphacan (mouse, mRNA)--n
Plp1 (rat, protein)n+n
procollagen type III (alpha1) (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Pthlh (mouse, mRNA)n-n
Pthr1 (mouse, mRNA)n-n
Rab23 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Raf1 (mouse, protein)+nn
Rara (mouse, mRNA)++n
Rarb (mouse, mRNA)++n
Rarg (mouse, mRNA)++n
Rbp1 (rat, protein)-nn
Reelin (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Reelin (mouse, mRNA)n+n
Ret (mouse, mRNA)--n
Robo1 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Robo2 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Runx1 (mouse, mRNA)--n
Runx2 (mouse, mRNA)---
Runx3 (mouse, mRNA)n+n
Rxra (mouse, mRNA)++n
Rxrb (mouse, mRNA)++n
Rxrg (mouse, mRNA)--n
secreted phosphoprotein 1 (mouse, mRNA)n++
secreted phosphoprotein 1 (mouse, protein)nn-
Sema3a (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Sema3b (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Sema3c (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Sema3f (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Slit1 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Slit2 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Slit3 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Sonic hedgehog (bovine, protein)---
Sonic hedgehog (mouse, protein)++n
Sox9 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Sp6 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Spock1 (mouse, mRNA)--n
syndecan 1 (mouse, protein)--n
syndecan 1 (mouse, mRNA)--n
syndecan 2 (mouse, protein)+nn
syndecan 2 (mouse, mRNA)--n
syndecan 3 (mouse, mRNA)++n
syndecan 4 (mouse, mRNA)--n
tenascin (human, protein)--n
tenascin (mouse, protein)n+n
tenascin C (mouse, mRNA)--n
Tgfb1 (mouse, protein)--n
Tgfb1 (mouse, mRNA)++n
Tgfb2 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Tgfb3 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Timp (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Timp1 (mouse, mRNA)+++
Timp2 (mouse, mRNA)++n
Timp3 (mouse, mRNA)--n
Tjp1 (mouse, protein)--n
Tjp2 (mouse, protein)--n
Tjp3 (mouse, protein)--n
trkB.FL (rat, mRNA)--n
trkB.T1 (rat, mRNA)-nn
trkB.T2 (rat, mRNA)--n
tuftelin (mouse, protein)++n
versican (mouse, mRNA)--n
vimentin (human, protein)n-n
Wt1 (mouse, mRNA)--n

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