Gene expression in tooth detected by immunochemistry

init. stagebud stagecap stagebell stagediff. stagesecr. stageroot
activin beta A (mouse, protein)n+++-nn
Ahr (mouse, protein)nnn+++n
ameloblastin (rat,mouse, mRNA)nnnn++n
amelogenin (hamster, protein)n---++n
amelogenin (mouse, protein)nnnn++n
amelogenin and enamelin (rat, protein)nnnn++n
antizyme 1 (mouse, protein, mRNA)n++++nn
Aquaporin1 (mouse, human, protein)nn+++nn
Aquaporin2 (mouse, human, protein)nnnnnnn
Aquaporin3 (mouse, human, protein)nnnnnnn
Aquaporin4 (mouse, human, protein)nn+++nn
Aquaporin5 (mouse, human, protein)nn+++nn
Aquaporin9 (mouse, human, protein)nnnnnnn
Arnt (mouse, protein)n++nn+n
Bax (rat, protein)nnnn++n
Bcl2 (rat, protein)nnnn++n
Bmp6 (mouse, mRNA)-++---n
Bmp7 (mouse, rat, hamster, protein)+++++++
Bpag1 (mouse, protein)n++++nn
C-Cam (rat, protein)nnnn--n
C-ErbB2 (rat, protein)nnnnn+n
cadherin 1 (mouse, protein)n++++++
Calb1 (mouse, protein)nnnn+nn
catenin beta (mouse, protein)n++++nn
collagen type I (rat, protein)n++++++
collagen type II (rat, protein)nnn+nnn
collagen type III (rat, protein)n++++++
collagen type III (alpha1) (mouse, protein)n-++++n
collagen type IV (mouse, protein)n+++++n
collagen type IV (rat, protein)nn+++nn
collagen type V (rat, hamster, protein)nnnn++n
collagen type VI (rat, protein)nn+++n+
collagen type VII (human, protein)nn+++-n
connexin43 (rat, protein)nnn+n+n
Crabp1 (rat, protein)n-+++nn
Ctgf/Fisp12 (mouse, protein, mRNA)++++++n
cyclin A (mouse, protein)nnn++-n
cytokeratin 1 (human, protein)nn---nn
cytokeratin 10 (human, protein)nn--nnn
cytokeratin 13 (human, protein)nn++nnn
cytokeratin 18 (human, protein)nn+-nnn
cytokeratin 19 (human, protein)nn+++nn
cytokeratin 4 (human, protein)nn--nnn
cytokeratin 5 (human, protein)nn++nnn
cytokeratin 7 (human, protein)nn++nnn
cytokeratin 8 (human, protein)nn+++nn
dentin phosphoprotein (mouse, protein)nnnnn+n
dentin sialoprotein (mouse, rat, protein, mRNA)nnnn+++
desmoglein (mouse, protein)n++++nn
Dlx2 (mouse, protein)+++++nn
endothelin (human, protein)nnn++nn
Fadd (field vole, protein)n+++nnn
Fas (field vole, protein)n+++nnn
Fgf1 (mouse, protein)+n++++n
Fgf2 (mouse, protein)+n+n++n
fibromodulin (bovine, protein)nnnnnn+
fibronectin (mouse, protein)nn++++n
fibronectin (oncofetal) (human, protein)nn----n
fibronectin (seq A) (human, protein)nn++++n
follistatin (mouse, protein)n+++-nn
follistatin (mouse, protein, mRNA)nnn++nn
Has (human, protein)nnn+n+n
heparan sulfate (mouse, protein)n++++nn
Hspb1 (rat, protein)nnnnn+n
Hspg2 (mouse, protein)nnn+++n
integrin alpha 6 (mouse, protein)n+++nnn
integrin alpha v (mouse, protein)n+++nnn
integrin beta 1 (mouse, protein)n+++nnn
integrin beta 4 (mouse, protein)n+++nnn
laminin (human, protein)nn+++-n
laminin (mouse, protein)nnn+++n
laminin 5 alpha 3 (mouse, protein)++++++n
laminin 5 beta 3 (mouse, protein)++++++n
laminin 5 beta 3 (mouse, protein)++++++n
laminin 5 gamma 2 (mouse, protein)++++++n
laminin alpha 2 (mouse, protein)nn+++nn
laminin alpha 5 (mouse, protein)n++++nn
lumican (bovine, protein)nnnnnn+
Met proto-oncogene (rat, protein)nn+n+nn
midkine (mouse, protein)++++++n
Mmp13 (mouse, protein)n+nnnnn
Mmp2 (mouse, protein)n++++nn
Mmp3 (mouse, protein)n+nnnnn
Mmp9 (mouse, protein)n++++nn
Mts1 (mouse, mRNA)nnnnnnn
Nestin (rat, protein)nnnnn+n
Ngf (rat, protein)n+++n+n
Ngfr (rat, protein)n++n+nn
Occludin (mouse, protein)nn++++n
Odc (mouse, protein, mRNA)n++++nn
onnexin32 (rat, protein)nnnn++n
osteocalcin (rat, protein)nnnn+++
osteopontin (rat, protein, mRNA)nnnnn++
P-cadherin (mouse, protein)n++-++n
p21 (mouse, protein)nnn++nn
Pcna (rat, human, protein)nnnn++n
plakoglobin (mouse, protein)n++++nn
pleiotrophin (mouse, protein)nn+nnnn
Plp1 (rat, protein)nnnnn+n
Raf1 (mouse, protein)+++n+nn
Rbp1 (rat, protein)-++++nn
secreted phosphoprotein 1 (mouse, protein)nnnnnn+
Sonic hedgehog (bovine, protein)nn++++n
Sonic hedgehog (mouse, protein)nn++++n
syndecan 1 (mouse, protein)++++++n
syndecan 2 (mouse, protein)--+++nn
tenascin (human, protein)nn++++n
tenascin (mouse, protein)n+++n+n
Tgfb1 (mouse, protein)n+++++n
Timp1 (mouse, protein)n+nnnnn
Timp2 (mouse, protein)n+nnnnn
Timp3 (mouse, protein)n++nnnn
Tjp1 (mouse, protein)n+++++n
Tjp2 (mouse, protein)n+++++n
Tjp3 (mouse, protein)nnn+nnn
Tnfsf6 (field vole, protein)n+++nnn
tuftelin (mouse, protein)nnn+++n
vimentin (human, protein)nn++n-n

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