Expression of intracellular molecules in tooth

init. stagebud stagecap stagebell stagediff. stagesecr. stageroot
antizyme 1 (mouse, protein, mRNA)n++++nn
Arnt (mouse, protein)n++nn+n
Axin1 (mouse, mRNA)+++++nn
Axin2 (mouse, mRNA)+++++nn
Barx1 (mouse, mRNA)+++++nn
Bax (rat, protein)nnnn++n
Bcl2 (rat, protein)nnnn++n
Bpag1 (mouse, protein)n++++nn
Btrc (mouse, mRNA)+++n+nn
C-Myc (mouse, mRNA)nnn+nnn
Calb1 (mouse, protein)nnnn+nn
catenin beta (mouse, protein)n++++nn
Cdkn1a (vole, mRNA)++nnnnn
Cdkn1a (vole, diastema bud, mRNA)n+nnnnn
Crabp1 (rat, protein)n-+++nn
cyclin A (mouse, protein)nnn++-n
Cyp26C1 (mouse, mRNA)+nn++nn
Cyp26C1 (mouse, mRNA)nn+nnnn
cytokeratin 1 (human, protein)nn---nn
cytokeratin 10 (human, protein)nn--nnn
cytokeratin 13 (human, protein)nn++nnn
cytokeratin 18 (human, protein)nn+-nnn
cytokeratin 19 (human, protein)nn+++nn
cytokeratin 4 (human, protein)nn--nnn
cytokeratin 5 (human, protein)nn++nnn
cytokeratin 7 (human, protein)nn++nnn
cytokeratin 8 (human, protein)nn+++nn
Dab1 (mouse, mRNA)nnnn-nn
Dab1 (mouse, mRNA)++nnnnn
Dermo1 (mouse, mRNA)nnn+nnn
Dlx1 (mouse, mRNA)n++nnnn
Dlx2 (mouse, mRNA)+++++nn
Dlx2 (mouse, protein)+++++nn
Dlx3 (mouse, mRNA)-++++nn
Dlx4 (mouse, mRNA)nn+++nn
Dlx5 (mouse, mRNA)nn+++nn
DLX5 (human, mRNA)+++nnnn
Dlx6 (mouse, mRNA)nn+++nn
Edar (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
Edaradd (mouse, mRNA)nn+nnnn
Egr1 (mouse, mRNA)-+++++n
forkhead (mouse, mRNA)++nnnnn
Gli1 (mouse, mRNA)+++nnnn
Gli2 (mouse, mRNA)+++nnnn
Gli3 (mouse, mRNA)+++nnnn
Hand1 (mouse, mRNA)nnnnnnn
Hand2 (mouse, mRNA)nnnnnnn
Hand2 (mouse, mRNA)n++++nn
Hes1 (mouse, mRNA)n++nnnn
Hes5 (mouse, mRNA)nnnnnnn
Hip1 (mouse, mRNA)nn+n+nn
IKBA (mouse, mRNA)+++nnnn
IKKA (mouse, mRNA)n++nnnn
IKKA (mouse, mRNA)++nnnnn
IKKB (mouse, mRNA)-+nnnnn
IKKG (mouse, mRNA)nn+nnnn
Lef1 (vole, mRNA)++++nnn
Lef1 (mouse, mRNA)+++nnnn
Lef1 (mouse, diastema bud, mRNA)++nnnnn
Lef1 (vole, diastema bud, mRNA)++nnnnn
Lhx6 (mouse, mRNA)+++++-n
Lhx8 (mouse, mRNA)+++++-n
Msx1 (mouse, diastema bud, mRNA)++nnnnn
Msx1 (vole, mRNA)+++nnnn
Msx1 (mouse, mRNA)+++++++
Msx1 (vole, diastema bud, mRNA)+nnnnnn
Msx2 (vole, diastema bud, mRNA)++nnnnn
Msx2 (vole, mRNA)n+++nnn
Msx2 (mouse, mRNA)+++++n+
Mts1 (mouse, mRNA)nnnnnnn
N-myc (mouse, mRNA)nn++nnn
Ndr1 (mouse, mRNA)nn+nnnn
Nestin (rat, protein)nnnnn+n
Odc (mouse, protein, mRNA)n++++nn
Ofd1 (mouse, mRNA)n+nnnnn
p21 (mouse, protein)nnn++nn
p21 (mouse, mRNA)n++++nn
Pace4 (rat, mRNA)+++++nn
Pax9 (mouse, diastema bud, mRNA)++nnnnn
Pax9 (vole, diastema bud, mRNA)++nnnnn
Pax9 (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
Pcna (rat, human, protein)nnnn++n
Pitx2 (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
Pitx2 (mouse,vole, diastema bud, mRNA)++nnnnn
Pitx2 (mouse, mRNA)+nnnnnn
plakoglobin (mouse, protein)n++++nn
Prrx1 (mouse, mRNA)++nnnnn
Prrx2 (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
Rab23 (mouse, mRNA)+++n+nn
Raf1 (mouse, protein)+++n+nn
Rara (mouse, mRNA)+n++++n
Rarb (mouse, mRNA)+n-+++n
Rarg (mouse, mRNA)+n++++n
Rbp1 (rat, protein)-++++nn
Runx1 (mouse, mRNA)n+++++n
Runx2 (mouse, mRNA)+++++++
Runx3 (mouse, mRNA)n+++n+n
Rxra (mouse, mRNA)+n++++n
Rxrb (mouse, mRNA)++++++n
Rxrg (mouse, mRNA)-n--++n
Snai1 (mouse, mRNA)n+nnnnn
Sox9 (mouse, mRNA)n+n++nn
Sp4 (mouse, mRNA)nn+nnnn
Sp6 (mouse, mRNA)+++++nn
Tbx1 (mouse, mRNA)n+nnnnn
Tcf1 (mouse, mRNA)n++nnnn
Tfap2a (mouse, mRNA)++nnnnn
Tfap2c (mouse, mRNA)+nnnnnn
Tlx1 (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
Traf1 (mouse, mRNA)n+++nnn
Traf2 (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
Traf3 (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
Traf4 (mouse, mRNA)+-++nnn
Traf6 (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
Trp63 (mouse, mRNA)+nnnnnn
vimentin (human, protein)nn++n-n
Wt1 (mouse, mRNA)------n

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