Expression of growth factors and ligands in tooth

init. stagebud stagecap stagebell stagediff. stagesecr. stageroot
activin beta A (mouse, mRNA)nnn++nn
activin beta A (mouse, protein)n+++-nn
activin beta A (rat, mRNA)+n+nnnn
activin beta A (mouse, mRNA)++++--n
Bmp2 (mouse, mRNA)nnn++nn
Bmp2 (mouse, diastema bud, mRNA)+nnnnnn
Bmp2 (vole, diastema bud, mRNA)n+nnnnn
Bmp2 (vole, mRNA)+++nnnn
Bmp2 (mouse, mRNA)+++++++
Bmp2 (bovine, mRNA)nnn+nnn
Bmp3 (mouse, mRNA)--+++++
Bmp4 (mouse, diastema bud, mRNA)++nnnnn
Bmp4 (mouse, mRNA)nnn++nn
Bmp4 (vole, diastema bud, mRNA)++nnnnn
Bmp4 (bovine, mRNA)nnn+nnn
Bmp4 (mouse, mRNA)+++++++
Bmp4 (vole, mRNA)++++nnn
Bmp5 (mouse, mRNA)----++n
Bmp6 (mouse, mRNA)-++---n
Bmp7 (mouse, mRNA)nnn++nn
Bmp7 (mouse, mRNA)+++++++
Bmp7 (mouse, rat, hamster, protein)+++++++
Eda (mouse, mRNA)+++++nn
Egf (mouse, mRNA)nnn+nnn
endothelin (human, protein)nnn++nn
Fgf1 (mouse, protein)+n++++n
Fgf10 (mouse, mRNA)n++++nn
Fgf10 (vole, mRNA)nnnnnnn
Fgf2 (mouse, protein)+n+n++n
Fgf3 (mouse, mRNA)n++++nn
Fgf4 (vole, mRNA)++++nnn
Fgf4 (vole, diastema bud, mRNA)nnnnnnn
Fgf4 (mouse, mRNA)-+++-nn
Fgf7 (mouse, mRNA)nnnn+nn
Fgf7 (mouse, mRNA)nnnnnnn
Fgf8 (vole, diastema bud, mRNA)+nnnnnn
Fgf8 (mouse, diastema bud, mRNA)+nnnnnn
Fgf8 (mouse, mRNA)++---nn
Fgf9 (mouse, mRNA)++++--n
follistatin (mouse, protein)n+++-nn
follistatin (rat, mRNA)nn+nnnn
follistatin (mouse, mRNA)nn++-+n
follistatin (mouse, protein, mRNA)nnn++nn
Gdnf (mouse, mRNA)n-+n++n
Hgf (mouse, mRNA)nn-++nn
Igf1 (mouse, mRNA)nnnnn+n
midkine (mouse, mRNA)+++++nn
midkine (mouse, protein)++++++n
Ngf (rat, mRNA)+-+++nn
Ngf (rat, protein)n+++n+n
Nrg1 (rat, mRNA)nn+n++n
Ntf3 (rat, mRNA)+++++nn
Ntf5 (rat, mRNA)+++++nn
pleiotrophin (mouse, protein)nn+nnnn
Pthlh (rat, mRNA)nnn+nnn
Pthlh (mouse, mRNA)nnnnn+n
Sonic hedgehog (mouse, diastema bud, mRNA)++nnnnn
Sonic hedgehog (vole, mRNA)+++nnnn
Sonic hedgehog (vole, diastema bud, mRNA)++nnnnn
Sonic hedgehog (mouse, mRNA)n++++nn
Sonic hedgehog (bovine, protein)nn++++n
Sonic hedgehog (bovine, mRNA)nn++nnn
Sonic hedgehog (mouse, protein)nn++++n
Tgfb1 (mouse, protein)n+++++n
Tgfb1 (mouse, mRNA)-+++++n
Tgfb2 (mouse, mRNA)n-nn+nn
Tgfb3 (mouse, mRNA)n-+++nn
Wnt10a (mouse, mRNA)+++nnnn
Wnt10b (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
Wnt3 (mouse, mRNA)+n++nnn
Wnt4 (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
Wnt5a (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
Wnt6 (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn
Wnt7b (mouse, mRNA)++++nnn

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