Molecules in cementum and periodontal ligament

cementoblastscementumperiod. ligam.
amelogenin (mouse, mRNA)-n-
appican (mouse, mRNA)-n-
Bmp2 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Bmp3 (mouse, mRNA)+nn
Bmp4 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Bmp7 (mouse, mRNA)-nn
Bmp7 (mouse, rat, hamster, protein)+--
Bono1 (mouse, mRNA)-n-
cadherin 1 (mouse, protein)+n+
collagen type I (rat, protein)--+
collagen type I (alpha1) (mouse, mRNA)-n+
collagen type III (rat, protein)--+
collagen type VI (rat, protein)n-+
dentin sialoprotein (mouse, rat, protein, mRNA)-n-
enamelin (mouse, mRNA)-n-
ErbB3 (rat, mRNA)-n-
fibromodulin (bovine, protein)+++
lumican (bovine, protein)+++
Mmp9 (mouse, mRNA)-n-
Msx1 (mouse, mRNA)-n+
Msx2 (mouse, mRNA)+n+
osteocalcin (rat, protein)++-
osteocalcin (mouse, mRNA)+n-
osteopontin (rat, protein, mRNA)+++
osteopontin (mouse, mRNA)+n-
Runx2 (mouse, mRNA)-n+
secreted phosphoprotein 1 (mouse, mRNA)+n-
secreted phosphoprotein 1 (mouse, protein)++-
Sonic hedgehog (bovine, protein)---
Timp1 (mouse, mRNA)-n-

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