Expression of Irf6 in mouse tooth

interferon regulatory factor 6

Species: mouse
Location in mouse genome: chromosome 1, 197131118 - 197144833 (UCSC, assembly October 2003)
Tooth: lower molar
Method: whole mount in situ hybridization, probe: 1600b

Expression detected at tooth germs of E14.5 embryos.
Mutations in human IRF6 cause van der Woude and popliteal pterygium syndromes.

Source references:
Kondo,S., Schutte,B.C., Richardson,R.J., Bjork,B.C., Knight,A.S., Watanabe,Y., Howard,E., de Lima,R.L.L.F., Daack-Hirsch,S., Sander,A., McDonald-McGinn,D.M., Zackai,E.H., Lammer,E.J., Aylsworth,A.S., Ardinger,H.H., Lidral,A.C., Pober,B.R., Moreno,L., Arc (2002) Nature Genetics 32(2):285-289

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