Expression of activin beta A in rat tooth

Inhba; inhibin/activin betaA; follicle-stimulating hormone-releasing protein; Frp; FSH-releasing protein; FSH-releasing factor; Erythroid differentiation factor; Edf

Species: rat
Location in rat genome: chromosome 17, 57247306 - 57260372 (UCSC, assembly June 2003)
Method: in situ hybridization (radioactive), probe: 307b

Initiation stage
Expression: dental mesenchyme
No expression: oral epithelium, dental epithelium

Cap stage
Expression: dental papilla, dental sac
No expression: oral epithelium, outer enamel epithelium, inner enamel epithelium, enamel knot, stellate reticulum

Expression detected also at bell and late bell stages.
Partial failure in tooth development in transgenic mice deficient in Activin beta A.

Source references:
Roberts,V.J., and, Barth,S.L. (1994) Endocrinology 134(2):914-923

Other references:
Matzuk,M.M., Kumar,T.R., Vassalli,A., Bickenbach,J.R., Roop,D.R., Jaenisch,R., and, Bradley,A. (1995) Nature 374(6520):354-356

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