The contribution to the GENE EXPRESSION IN TOOTH database

Gene ________________________________________________________________

Species ___________________

Tooth: molar / incisor / _______

Molecule: mRNA/ protein /__________

Assay: radioactive in situ / whole mount in situ / immunostaining / _________________

Antibody (polyclonal/ monoclonal) or probe (length, target):


Reference _____________________________________________________________


Please, mark the tissues where the staining is detected with "+" and those tissues where the staining is not detected with "-". In addition, please draw the expression pattern on the pictures. We would appreciate to have also the original photomicrographs in digital form by e-mail or as paper copies.

Initiation stage

Bud stage

Cap stage

Bell stage

Late bell (differentiation) stage

Secretory stage crown

Developing root

Tissues: ab ameloblasts, bm basement membrane, cb cementoblasts, ce cementum, de dental epithelium, dp dental papilla, ds dental sac, dt dentin, ek enamel knot, iee inner enamel epithelium, ob odontoblasts, oe oral epithelium, oee outer enamel epithelium, pa preameloblasts, pl periodontal ligament, si stratum intermedium, sr stellate reticulum.

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