Expression of cytokeratin 13 in human tooth

KRT13; CK13; K13; keratin 13

Species: human
Method: immunochemistry, antibody: monoclonal

Cap stage
Expression: oral epithelium, stellate reticulum
No expression: outer enamel epithelium, inner enamel epithelium, enamel knot, basement membrane, dental papilla, dental sac

Bell stage
Expression: oral epithelium, outer enamel epithelium
No expression: inner enamel epithelium, stratum intermedia, stellate reticulum, basement membrane, dental papilla, dental sac

Source references:
Kasper,M., Karsten,U., Stosiek,P., and, Moll,R. (1989) Differentiation 40(3):207-214

Other references:
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