Expression of C-ErbB2 in rat tooth

C-erbB2; Neu; Her2; erythroblastic leucemia viral oncogene homolog 2; oncogene Ngl, neuroblastoma or glioblastoma derived; tyrosine kinase type cell surface receptor Her 2

Species: rat
Tooth: lower molar
Method: immunochemistry, antibody: monoclonal

Secretory stage
Expression: ameloblasts
No expression: outer enamel epithelium, stratum intermedia, stellate reticulum, enamel, dental papilla, dental sac, odontoblasts, predentin

Source references:
Casasco,A., Casasco,M., Corbett,I.P., and, Calligaro,A. (1994) Archives of Oral Biology 39(10):917-919

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