Expression of amelogenin in mouse tooth

Amelx; Algn; Amg; Amgl

Species: mouse
Location in mouse genome: chromosome X, 157310884 - 157318072 (UCSC, assembly October 2003)
Tooth: lower molar
Method: immunochemistry, antibody: polyclonal

Late bell (differentiation) stage
Expression: preameloblasts
No expression: outer enamel epithelium, stratum intermedia, stellate reticulum, basement membrane, dental papilla, dental sac, preodontoblasts

Secretory stage
Expression: ameloblasts, enamel
No expression: outer enamel epithelium, stratum intermedia, stellate reticulum, dental papilla, dental sac, odontoblasts, predentin, dentin

Detected weakly in the apical half of the ameloblast cytoplasm..

By RT-PCR amelogenin transcripts demonstrated at cap stage (E15 mouse).
Located at the onset of enamel biomineralization.

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