Palacios,J., Benito,N., Berraquero,R., Pizarro,A., Cano,A., and, Gamallo,C.
Differential spatiotemporal expression of E- and P-cadhering during mouse tooth development.
International Journal of Developmental Biology 39:663-666 (1995).
Changes in E- and P-cadherin (E- and P-CD) expression during embryonic mouse first molar development were analyzed by immunohistochemistry. During the induction and morphogenesis stages (bud, cap and early bell stages), E-CD was expressed in the cells of the invaginating epithelial tooth bud and in the cells of the outer enamel epithelium, stellate reticulum and stratum intermedium, suggesting a role for this molecule in the maintenance of enamel organ architecture. On the other hand, P-CD was strongly expressed in the inner enamel epithelium suggesting its participation in the processes of mesenchymal induction. during the cytodifferentiation stage (late bell stage), E-CD was expressed in polarizing preameloblasts, but cadherin expression was restricted to the basal and apical poles of differentiated secretory ameloblasts, where the zonula adherens type of cell-cell junctions is located. The present study demonstrates for the first time the spatiotemporal expression of cadherins during tooth development and suggests differential and specific roles for E-CD and P-CD during the morphogenesis and cytodifferentiation processes of this organ.

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