D'Souza,R.N., Happonen,R.P., Ritter,N.M., and, Butler,W.T.
Temporal and spatial patterns of transforming growth factor- beta 1 expression in developing rat molars.
Archives of Oral Biology 35(12):957-965 (1990).
Regulatory peptides of the TGF-beta family affect various aspects of embryonic development. Recent immunolocalization and in situ hybridization studies have demonstrated a specific time- and tissue-dependent expression of TGF-beta 1 in the developing mouse embryo. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the distribution of TGF-beta 1 within rat molars at different stages of development, using a well- characterized antibody, highly specific for TGF-beta 1, and immunohistochemical methods of detection. TGF-beta 1 was immunolocalized intensely within the ectodermally derived stellate reticulum and the mesenchyme of the dental papilla at the bell stage of development. Marked immunostaining was also evident in the papillary layer and the reduced dental organ subjacent to ameloblasts in the differentiation and secretory phases of amelogenesis. During the formation of coronal tissues and in the pre-eruptive phase, immunoreactive TGF-beta 1 was localized conspicuously within the dental follicle overlying the tooth germ. This temporospatial pattern of expression of TGF-beta 1 appears to correlate with specific events in morphogenesis, histogenesis and cytodifferentiation during tooth development.

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