Mitsiadis,T.A., Dicou,E., Joffre,A., and, Magloire,H.
Immunohistochemical localization of nerve growth factor (NGF) and NGF receptor (NGF-R) in the developing first molar tooth of the rat.
Differentiation 49(1):47-61 (1992).
Nerve growth factor (NGF) is a well established target-derived trophic factor supporting sympathetic and sensory innervation in the peripheral tissues as well as cholinergic innervation in the brain. Despite its name, NGF may have broader biological functions early in development in a wide range of non-neuronal differentiating cells. The many effects of NGF are directly dependent on initial binding of NGF to specific plasma membrane receptors on target cells. Here we use immunohistochemical methods to show that NGF and its receptor (NGF-R) are localized in a variety of embryonic epithelial and mesenchymal cells in the rat developing molar tooth. Dental cells known to play important roles in morphogenesis and inductive tissue interactions show NGF- like reactivity. Thus, labelling is seen in epithelial preameloblasts and mesenchymal odontoblasts. We also show a transient expression of NGF-R in restricted parts of the dental epithelium (inner dental epithelium) and dental mesenchyme differentiating cells (post-mitotic, polarizing odontoblasts). The expression patterns of NGF are different to those of NGF-R during embryogenesis and this is illustrated in detail in the developing tooth. The histochemical findings reported here support the notion that NGF may have multiple roles during morphogenetic and cytodifferentiation events in the tooth.

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