Unda,F.J., Pérez-Nanclares,G., Le Morvan,V., Hernández,C., Vilaxa,A., De-la-Fuente,M., and, Gorry,P.
Dynamic assembly of tight junction-associated proteins ZO-1, ZO-2, ZO-3 and occludin during mouse tooth development.
Histology & Histopathology 18(1):27-38 (2003).
Tight junctions might play a role during tissue morphogenesis and cell differentiation. In order to address these questions, we have studied the distribution pattern of the tight junction-associated proteins ZO-1, ZO-2, ZO-3 and occludin in the developing mouse tooth as a model. A specific temporal and spatial distribution of tight junction-associated proteins during tooth development was observed. ZO-1 appeared discontinuously in the cell membrane of enamel organ and dental mesenchyme cells. However, endothelial cells of the dental mesenchyme capillaries displayed a continuous fluorescence at the cell membrane. Inner dental epithelium first showed an evident signal for ZO-1 at the basal pole of the cells at bud/cap stage, but ZO-1 was accumulated at the basal and apical pole of preameloblast/ameloblasts at late bell stage. Surprisingly, in the incisor ZO- 1 decreased as the inner dental epithelium differentiated, and was re-expressed in secretory and mature ameloblasts. On the contrary, ZO-2 was confined to continuous cell-cell contacts of the enamel organ in both molars and incisors. The lateral cell membrane of inner dental epithelial cells was specifically ZO-2 labeled. However, ZO-3 was expressed in oral epithelium whereas dental embryo tissues were negative. In addition, occludin was hardly detected in dental tissues at the early stage of tooth development, but was distributed continuously at the cell membrane of endothelial cells of ED19.5 dental mesenchyme. In incisors, occludin was detected at the cell membrane of the secretory pole of ameloblasts. The occurrence and relation during tooth development of tight junction proteins ZO-1, ZO-2 and occludin, but not ZO-3, suggests a combinatory assembly in tooth morphogenesis and cell differentiation.

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