Tucker,A.S., Al Khamis,A., Ferguson,C.A., Bach,I., Rosenfeld,M.G., and, Sharpe,P.T.
Conserved regulation of mesenchymal gene expression by Fgf-8 in face and limb development.
Development 126(2):221-228 (1999).
Clim-2 (NLI, Lbd1) is one of two related mouse proteins that interact with Lim-domain homeoproteins, In the mouse, embryonic expression of Clim-2 is particularly pronounced in facial ectomesenchyme and limb bud mesenchyme in association with Lim genes, Lhx- 6 and Lmx-1 respectively. We show that in common with both these Lim genes, Clim-2 expression is regulated by signals from overlying epithelium. In both the developing face and the limb buds we identify Fgf-8 as the likely candidate signalling molecule that regulates Clim-2 expression, We show that in the mandibular arch, as in the limb, Fgf-8 functions in combination with CD44, a cell surface binding protein, and that blocking CD44 binding results in inhibition of Fgf8-induced expression of Clim- 2 and Lhx-6, Regulation of gene expression by Fgf8 in association with CD44 is thus conserved between limb and mandibular arch development. [References: 51].

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