Nakashima,M., Toyono,T., Akamine,A., and, Joyner,A.
Expression of growth/differentiation factor 11, a new member of the BMP/TGF beta superfamily during mouse embryogenesis.
Mechanisms of Development 80(2):185-189 (1999).
We have cloned and characterized a new member of the bone morphogenetic protein/transforming growth factor beta (BMP/TGF beta) superfamily, growth differentiation factor 11 (Gdf11), from rat incisor pulp RNA by reverse transcription- polymerase chain reaction using degenerate primers. The mature carboxyl-terminal domain encoded by Gdf11 is most closely related to Gdf8, being 90% identical to the mouse gene. Northern blot analysis revealed Gdf11 is expressed in adult dental pulp and brain. In situ hybridization of sections and whole-mount embryos demonstrated Gdf11 is first strongly expressed in restricted domains at 8.5 days post coitus (dpc) when it is highest in the tail bud. At 10.5 dpc, it is expressed in the branchial arches, limb bud, tail bud and posterior dorsal neural tube. Later, it is expressed in terminally-differentiated odontoblasts, the nasal epithelium, retina and specific regions of the brain. (C) 1999 Elsevier Science Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved. [References: 9].

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