Karg,H., Burger,E.H., Lyaruu,D.M., Bronckers,A.L., and, Wöltgens,J.H.
Spatiotemporal expression of the homeobox gene S8 during mouse tooth development.
Archives of Oral Biology 42(9):625-631 (1997).
The murine S8 gene encodes a nuclear homeodomain containing transcription factor that is expressed at sites of epithelial- mesenchymal interactions, including those in cranofacial tissues. The spatiotemporal expression of S8 mRNA was examined in tooth primordia by in situ hybridization. S8 transcripts were found in all stages of tooth development in 13- to 16.5-day-old mouse embryos (E13-E16.5), covering the early bud stage up to the late bell stage. S8 mRNA was found exclusively in the ectomesenchyme and its derivatives that originate from the neural crest: future pulp cells, odontoblast precursors and dental follicle cells. Expression was highest at the late cap and early bud stages and declined at the mid-bell stage, in both first molar and incisor primordia. In E13 jaw explants grown in organ culture for 48 h, S8 mRNA was still present in first and second molar primordia after culture. At E15.5, S8 mRNA was also transiently present in the surrounding osteogenic tissue. It is concluded that the distribution pattern of S8 mRNA during tooth development indicates a role for the gene in defining the identity of dental papilla and follicle cells. It is speculated that the time- restricted expression of S8 in tooth primordia involves establishing the definitive form of the tooth organ.

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