Pouyet,L., and, Mitsiadis,T.A.
Dynamic Lunatic fringe expression is correlated with boundaries formation in developing mouse teeth.
Mech Dev JID - 9101218 91(1-2):399-402 (2000).
The formation of boundaries is a fundamental organizing principle during development. The Notch signalling pathway regulates this developmental patterning mechanism in many tissues. Recent data suggest that Notch receptors are involved in boundary determination during odontogenesis. It remains, however, uncertain if other components of the Notch pathway are also important for compartmental lineage restrictions in teeth. Here we report on the expression of the Lunatic fringe gene, which encodes a secreted signalling molecule regulating the Notch pathway, during the development of mouse teeth. Lunatic fringe is expressed in both epithelial and mesenchymal components of the developing molar. The expression pattern of Lunatic fringe in the epithelium is complementary to that of the Notch receptors. Lunatic fringe is asymmetrically expressed in the incisor epithelium during its antero-posterior rotation. This expression pattern defines the lingual comportment of the incisor epithelium whereas the labial comportment is defined by Notch2 expression.

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