James,M.J., Jarvinen,E., and, Thesleff,I.
Bono1: a gene associated with regions of deposition of bone and dentine.
Gene Expression Patterns 4(5):595-599 (2004).
We have examined the mRNA expression pattern of the murine expressed sequence tag (EST) clone in embryonic and early postnatal mice. Expression was strongly and specifically localised to developing bones and odontoblasts in teeth, therefore we have named this gene Bono1 (Bone and odontoblasts). Bono1, which has human, rat and chicken orthologues designated as FKSG28 was expressed in most ossification regions of the head including calvarial bones, skull and jaws. Expression was localised to osteoblasts derived from both intramembraneous and endochondral ossification processes. Comparative analysis of the expression of Bono1 in the mandible with Bone sialoprotein (BSP), a marker of advanced osteoblastogenesis, revealed that Bono1 expression starts later in the osteoblast cell lineage than BSP. In the tooth, Bono1 was localised in secretory odontoblasts. This expression was complementary to BSP, which was only present in early pre-odontoblasts. In secretory odontoblasts, Bono1 was shown to be co-expressed with Dentin sialophosphoprotein (DSPP). In summary, Bono1 was expressed in functional osteoblasts and odontoblasts and was associated with regions of matrix mineralization.

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