Ritchie,H.H., Pinero,G.J., Hou,H., and, Butler,W.T.
Molecular analysis of rat dentin sialoprotein.
Connective Tissue Research 33(1-3):73-79 (1995).
Dentin sialoprotein (DSP) is a noncollagenous protein originally isolated from rat dentin. Because it is made by odontoblasts that are actively synthesizing dentin. DSP may play an important role in dentinogenesis. We have isolated a full length DSP cDNA from a rat odontoblast/dental pulp cDNA library (Ritchie et al. [1994] J. Biol. Chem. 269:3698-3702) which codes for a 17 residue signal peptide and a 366 residue, 53 kDa mature protein. In situ hybridization revealed DSP mRNA expression by odontoblasts, but no other cells, in jaws from newborn rat. Northern analysis of various rat tissues demonstrated the presence of DSP transcripts in newborn tooth germs and 21 day old rat incisors. Moreover, multiple transcripts of 4.6 kb and 1.5 kb were found in these two tissues. To better understand the origin of these DSP mRNA multiple transcripts, we have isolated two rat genomic clones. Digestion of each clone with EcoRI followed by Southern analysis revealed that DSP cDNA hybridized to a 4 kb fragment in a lambda dash clone and to a 6 kb fragment in a cosmid clone. Since DSP cDNA hybridized to a 6 kb EcoRI fragment and a 4 kb EcoRI fragment obtained from a rat liver genomic cDNA digested with EcoRI, the multiple DSP mRNA transcripts are most likely derived from two related DSP genes which coexist in the rat genome.

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