Bgue-Kirn,C., Smith,A.J., Ruch,J.V., Wozney,J.M., Purchio,A., Hartmann,D., and, Lesot,H.
Effects of dentin proteins, transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGF beta 1) and bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2) on the differentiation of odontoblast in vitro.
International Journal of Developmental Biology 36(4):491-503 (1992).
We have studied the effects of dentin proteins, of Transforming Growth Factor beta 1 (TGF beta 1) and Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP2) on the differentiation of odontoblasts in vitro. The total EDTA-soluble fraction of dentin proteins, prepared from rabbit incisors was further separated by chromatography on DEAE-Cellulose and heparin-agarose columns. While the total EDTA-soluble fraction of dentin had no effect on cultured dental papillae, fractions retained on both columns were able to initiate functional differentiation of preodontoblasts of isolated day-17 first lower mouse molar dental papillae cultured in vitro. TGF beta 1 and BMP2, both stimulated the matrix secretion by dental papillae cells. TGF beta 1 and BMP2, combined with the inactive total EDTA-soluble fraction, stimulated odontoblast differentiation. An active fraction retained on DEAE- Cellulose completely lost the inductive activity after incubation with a neutralizing anti-TGF beta antibody. These results demonstrate that a TGF beta-like molecule present in dentin could interact with some component which acts as a modulator of its activity on the initiation of the cytological and functional differentiation of odontoblasts.

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