MacNeil,R.L., Sheng,N., Strayhorn,C., Fisher,L.W., and, Somerman,M.J.
Bone sialoprotein is localized to the root surface during cementogenesis.
Journal of Bone & Mineral Research 9(10):1597-1606 (1994).
Bone sialoprotein (BSP), an RGD-containing protein with cell attachment properties, is believed to play a regulatory role in the biomineralization of various connective tissues. To determine its possible role in tooth root formation, murine dentoalveolar tissues at sequential phases of development were analyzed immunohistochemically for the presence of BSP. BSP was localized to alveolar bone and cementum at time points associated with initial mineralization of these tissues. In addition, northern blot analyses of dental follicle tissue at day 27 of tooth development indicated that BSP mRNA is expressed by dental follicle cells at a time point coincident with the initiation of cementogenesis on the peripheral tooth root surface. Collectively, these findings indicate that BSP may play an important role in the formation and mineralization of cementum.

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