Ohazama,A., Courtney,J.M., and, Sharpe,P.T.
Expression of TNF-receptor-associated factor genes in murine tooth development.
Gene Expression Patterns 3(2):127-129 (2003).
Tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factors (TRAFs) belong to a family of intracellular adaptor proteins that mediate signaling downstream of various cell surface receptors. We carried out comparative in situ hybridization analysis of five Traf genes Traf1, Traf2, Traf3, Traf4 and Traf6 during murine odontogenesis from the formation of the epithelial thickening to the early bell stage. Traf2, Traf3 and Traf6 showed weak expression in the thickened epithelium. Expression of Traf1, Traf2 and Traf6 were observed in the outer edges of the bud epithelium whereas Traf3 was strongly expressed at the tip of the bud epithelium. Expression of Traf1, Traf4 and Traf6 were detected in the dental papilla mesenchyme. Traf2 showed restricted expression in the internal enamel epithelium of the bell stage while expression of Traf1, Traf3, Traf4 and Traf6 were observed in both the internal and the external enamel epithelium. During early odontogenesis, all five genes show dynamic spatiotemporal expression patterns.

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