Linde,A., and, Goldberg,M.
Dentinogenesis. [Review] [287 refs].
Critical Reviews in Oral Biology & Medicine 4(5):679-728 (1993).
The formation of dentin, dentinogenesis, comprises a sophisticated interplay between several factors in the tissue, cellular as well as extracellular. Dentin may be regarded as a calcified connective tissue. In this respect, as well as in its mode of formation, it is closely related to bone. Using dentinogenesis as an experimental model to study biomineralization provides several practical advantages, and the results may be extrapolated to understand similar processes in other tissues, primarily bone. After describing dentin structure and composition, this review discusses items such as the morphology of dentinogenesis; the dentinogenically active odontoblast, transport, and concentrations of mineral ions; the constituents of the dentin organic matrix; and the presumed mechanisms involved in mineral formation. [References: 287].

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