Bustos,T., Simosa,V., Pinto-Cisternas,J., Abramovits,W., Jolay,L., Rodriguez,L., Fernandez,L., and, Ramela,M.
Autosomal recessive ectodermal dysplasia: I. An undescribed dysplasia/malformation syndrome.
American Journal of Medical Genetics 41(4):398-404 (1991).
We describe 27 individuals of 7 families related to each other with high probability who showed manifestations of ectodermal dysplasia and other anomalies affecting females as severely as males with variable expressivity. All parents were normal. These families were detected in a relatively isolated and inbred population with very small neighbouring communities from a Caribbean Sea island, Margarita Island, in Northeastern Venezuela (Nueva Esparta State). The clinical picture common to all patients could not be classified within the heterogeneous group of known ectodermal dysplasias and the published cases do not resemble our patients. We believe that this condition constitutes a newly recognized autosomal recessive dysplasia/malformation syndrome of ectodermal dysplasia.

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