Shawlot,W., Siciliano,M.J., Stallings,R.L., and, Overbeek,P.A.
Insertional inactivation of the downless gene in a family of transgenic mice.
Molecular Biology & Medicine 6(4):299-307 (1989).
The mouse downless (dl) gene is a morphogenetic gene that plays a role in dermal- epidermal interaction and regulation of hair follicle induction during fetal development. We report here the identification of a transgenic mouse line with an insertional mutation in the dl gene. The genomic sequences flanking the transgenic insert have been cloned and used as hybridization probes to confirm that the mutant transgenic mice are homozygous for the transgenic insert and that the site of integration lies on mouse chromosome 10. Genomic probes that are close to or within the downless gene are now available and should permit the characterization of a gene that is involved in induction of a specific type of epithelial morphogenesis.

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