Berkovitz,B.K., Maden,M., and, Eriksson,U.
The distribution of cellular retinoic acid-binding protein I during odontogenesis in the rat incisor.
Archives of Oral Biology 38(10):837-843 (1993).
Retinoids are important molecules in various aspects of embryological development. Here the distribution of cellular retinoic acid-binding protein I (CRABPI) was studied in the continuously growing incisor of adult rats using an affinity- purified rabbit polyclonal antibody. CRABPI was present throughout the presecretory and secretory ameloblast layer. The protein disappeared from that layer during its maturation phase. The adjacent dental mesenchyme of the developing pulp stained positively for CRABPI, especially in the layer immediately beneath the fully differentiated odontoblasts. Little CRABPI was present in the odontoblast layer itself. The distribution of CRABPI, both in the undifferentiated basal region of the incisor tooth and associated with the cells during hard-tissue formation, suggests a role for this molecule during differentiation and hard- tissue genesis.

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